Hybrid Product Ideas with Qliktag, NFT

Securing Physical Documents, Certificates & Asset Titles With Tokenization & Unclonable NFC Chips

Even in today’s digital era, physical documents are often used to represent some of the most valuable data and assets in our daily lives. The security of physical documents, certificates, and asset titles is of utmost importance. These valuable paper documents are susceptible to various risks, including cloning, theft, tampering, and forgery. Securing such high-value documents is vital to protect individuals, organizations, and governments from potential fraud and identity-related issues. One cutting-edge solution that addresses these concerns is physical asset tokenization combined with unclonable secure authentication NFC chips.The Qliktag technology solution, offers a Saas-based approach to securing physical documents. This is done through digitally tokenize and secure physical assets using a combination of blockchain technology, a cloud platform and unclonable printed electronic NFC chips.

Physical documents, such as education certificates, institutional documents, identity cards, government records, and licenses, hold immense value and significance in various domains of life. Losing or compromising these documents can have severe consequences, including identity theft, financial loss, and legal disputes. Hence, ensuring their security and authenticity is crucial to maintaining trust and credibility.

How Qliktag Technology Can Apply to High Value Documents

The Qliktag platform offers a comprehensive solution for securing physical documents which are valuable such as certificates, and asset titles. Leveraging a Saas-based model, Qliktag allows users to digitally tokenize physical assets on either the blockchain through NFTs or digital tokens maintained off-chain on the cloud.

This process involves creating a unique digital twin for each physical document, establishing an unclonable and inextricable link between the physical and digital representations. These digital links can then be encoded into physical secure Qliktag NFC chips or printed electronic circuits which can be embedded inside the paper or physical document.  Once this has been enabled, each time the NFC-equipped document is tapped with a phone, it generates a unique key which keeps changing. The encrypted key is sent back to the Qliktag platform, where the document is authenticated. The details are then relayed back to the document holder, eliminating the need for additional apps. The solution also allows for ownership verification through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Certain content within the document can be digitally accessible only to the owner or holder of the corresponding NFT, acting as a key to unlock specific features.


Advantages of the Qliktag Solution for Tokenization of Physical Documents & NFC Authentication

1. Unparalleled Security: By combining tokenization and unclonable NFC technology, the Qliktag solution offers unmatched security to prevent cloning, tampering, and forgery of physical documents.

2. Seamless Authentication: The platform enables quick and hassle-free NFC authentication through NFC-enabled phones, providing real-time document verification.

3. Non-Fungible: By utilizing blockchain technology and NFT tokens to store ownership information, the solution ensures that document ownership and transactional information is securely stored in a decentralized manner, making it resistant to tampering. While at the same time, proprietary and confidential information attributes can be maintained centrally on the cloud and can be made private if required.

4. Enhanced Privacy: NFT-based ownership verification features allows selective access to certain content digitally exclusively to the owner who has physical custody of the document and the NFT token within their digital wallet. This can enable a whole new avenue of possibilities and use cases.

5. Power of Smart Contracts: The ability to pair documents with NFTs on the blockchain also enables the power of smart contracts which can still be combined with a physical contract or document inextricably tied together through the Qliktag technology.


As more organizations, institutions and individuals seek advanced methods to safeguard their high-value paper  physical documents, document security and integrity technology has evolved in leaps and bounds. Securing physical documents of value, certificates, and asset titles is no longer a challenge with the digital technologies that exist today. With Qliktag, businesses and individuals can rest assured that their precious assets are protected, authenticated, and verifiable, setting a new standard for document security in the digital age.



June 2024