We Link the Physical & Digital Worlds

Create Innovative Phygital Product Experiences & Powerful Web3 Digital Capabilities with Qliktag

Qliktag is a complete web3 tokenization platform for phygital product experiences using dynamic encrypted key RFID / NFC technology solution that enables you to create secure, authentic, verifiable & unclonable links between your physical products & the digital realm at scale.

Qliktag Interactive Phygital NFC Tag


Tokenization of Products Enabling Unique Digital Identities, Digital Twins, Experiences & Blockchain Capabilities at Scale

How Do You Inextricably Link Something Physical to the Digital World?

This is precisely what Qliktag is designed to solve at scale through the use of tokenization of physical assets, mapping physical & digital identifiers, creating digital twins, combined with unique verifiable digital links & secure electronic NFC tags.

Plataforma de tokenización de autenticación de experiencias de productos digitales Qliktag Web3 Phygital con NFC + NFT

The Digitally Tokenized Phygital Product Opportunity

As an exclusive brand or individual creator for unique products, art, luxury items, collectibles or physical assets the opportunity to digitally transform your products to participate in a rapidly evolving digital ecosystem cannot be overstated.

Qliktag offers you a complete platform & hardware technology to offer unique, verifiable, unclonable connected products & phygital NFTs both in the real world and the digital world seamlessly. We do this through tokenization of products (off-chain on the cloud OR on-chain by linking with NFTs on the blockchain), digital web links for the assets and the use of secure, unclonable NFC tags which ensure physical product authentication & security. Additionally, The products can be turned into physical NFTs by pairing with NFTs minted on the blockchain & smart contract rules to authenticate ownership, provenance and custody which in turn unlocks further experiences, functionality or interactions around the physical asset.

The Qliktag Platform also allows you to design innovative digital experiences and web browser micro applications around your tokenized products combining the best of physical & digital experiences and increasing the value of these hybrid phygital products / connected products to consumers.

Plataforma de tokenización de autenticación de experiencias de productos digitales Qliktag Web3 Phygital con NFC + NFT

Qliktag Creates


Between Physical Assets & the Digital World


Unlock the Unlimited Possibilities of Digitally Tokenized & Verifiable Products, Physical Assets & Collectibles Today

Enable Authentication For Your Products

Protect your brand from counterfeits & enable your customers to authenticate the physical product using unparalleled, unclonable, secure NFC chip technology with dynamic keys, AES 128 encryption and powered by the Qliktag Platforms authentication services.

Turn Them Into Smart Connected Products

Tokenized physical products (on cloud or on the blockhain) can digitally maintain data or information about themselves as they go through their lifecycle. Whether that data is about ownership, safety, temperature, location, recyclability, value or any other attributes that can be updated about the item.

Verify Ownership & Physical Custody

Mint or pair NFTs on the blockchain with your tokenized physical assets / products to maintain immutable ownership & transact digitally while also being able to authenticate custody & ownership rights of the physical product through the secure, unclonable link Qliktag provides.

Design & Unlock Unique Digital Experiences

Conceptualize & design unique, valuable digital experiences around your product or collectible which make them truly hybrid / phygital. Unlock content & experiences exclusively to verified owners or those that have physical custody of the original, authenticated product.

Incorporate the Power of Smart Contracts

Leverage the power of customized smart contracts to define royalties, ownership rights, escrow, membership, warranty, access to exclusive experiences through your product & more. NFT smart contracts can open unlimited possibilities for digitally traded physical assets.

Increase the Value of Your Products

Whether it’s making a piece of art digitally transferable, adding personalized digital experiences to fan merchandise or ensuring a one of a kind luxury handbag is unclonable, the key outcome of using Qliktag is increasing the value of your product for your end customer.


Bridging Physical Items With Web3 & Digital Native Consumers

Tokenizing physical assets & products has it’s unique set of challenges & is considerably more complex than tokenizing digital assets. To tokenize physical products, one needs to ensure the link between the physical item and the digital token / digital twin is authentic, 1:1, not replicable and can only be accessed in the presence of the physical product. The Qliktag technology solution provides that middle layer of technology bridging the physical and the digital world. Essentially enabling truly phygital products that can exist both physically and digitally simultaneously.


Qliktag Web3 Phygital Product Experience Platform NFT + NFC Tokenization Platform


Creators, Designers, Marketplaces, Brands & Manufacturers

Luxury Products


Fashion & Couture


Metaverse Items

Fan Merchandise

Auction & Museum Pieces

3D Printed Apparel

Qliktag is ideally suited to high value, high utility physical assets or products. Products where being able to uniquely identify the item, verifying authenticity, preventing clonability or verification of ownership is inherently important.


Customer Stories & Case Studies

Fear No Man Clothing Physical NFT with Secure NFC Powered by Qliktag

Fear No Man Clothing

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Trieber Timepieces with Qliktag Secure NFC Authentication and Anti Counterfeit Technology Physical NFT

Treiber Timepieces

A Qliktag Case Study
How California Luxury Watch Brand Treiber Timepieces Launched Phygital Certificates of Authenticity With Qliktag Secure Unclonable NFC Authentication


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