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Qliktag Software Inc.


At Qliktag Software, our mission is enabling digital transformation of consumer products & bridging the gap between creators, designers, manufacturers brands & buyers. We believe physical assets and consumer products need to evolve & advance to meet the expectations of new generation digitally-native consumers or gradually become irrelevant as the world moves to Web3. 

Qliktag Software Inc.

Company Overview

Qliktag Software Inc. is headquartered in Newport Beach, California where it’s primary offices are located and also has offices in Pune, India operating as a software development and R&D centre. Since its inception in 2012, in true internet company fashion, Qliktag has worked with clients in United States, UK, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Iceland, Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Egypt, Malaysia & across the globe. As an innovator of software solutions, Qliktag’s executive team brings in decades of leadership, technology expertise, enterprise experience and attentive customer-centric approach to all aspects of the business. 

Qliktag Software Inc. - Newport Beach California


Meet the Qliktag Team

Dilip Daswani - Founder & CEO Qliktag Software Inc copy

Dilip G. Daswani

Founder & CEO
Neil Sequeira - Cofounder & Director Qliktag Software Inc

Neil Sequeira

Cofounder, Director of Product & Marketing
Ram Prasad Palugula - Chief Architect Qliktag Software

Ram Prasad Palugula

Chief Architect
Prachi Reddy - Products & Customer Experience Manager Qliktag Software

Prachi Reddy

Product & Customer Experience Manager

Neil Coutinho

Team Lead, Software UI & UX