Product Authentication Solutions & Anti Counterfeit NFC Tags


Enable trust in your products by deploying product authentication solutions & anti counterfeit NFC Tags with the Qliktag Platform.

Deploy Product Authentication Solutions with NFC Tags

Counterfeits, replicas, fakes are a multi-billion dollar challenge globally. In most cases, the consumer will not be able to distinguish between a genuine product and a counterfeit.

Products & physical assets equipped with Qliktag and tokenized have the inherent ability to enable product authentication solutions & capabilities. With a smartphone & no additional app, consumers can tap the NFC tag on a Qliktag enhanced product which can then run a product authentication check and return a message conveying whether that specific instance of the product is authenticated as genuine.

While there are numerous solutions out there in the market to authenticate products & offer some degree of anti counterfeiting, the Qliktag solution and secure NFC technology it is based on offer an unlconable solution which is among the strongest most secure technologies available today.

Solución de Autenticación de Productos y Etiquetas NFC Seguras Antifalsificación

Why Qliktag & Secure NFC Tags for Physical Product Authentication?

Solución de Autenticación de Productos y Etiquetas NFC Seguras Antifalsificación

The Qliktag Platform also has in-built support for highly specialized NFC authentication tags such as the NXP 424 DNA NFC Tag and HID Trusted NFC Tags which are among the most secure & unbreakable anti counterfeiting technologies available today.

With AES 128 encryption and a sophisticated printed electronic chip which dynamically generates a random unique key on each tap, the technology offers a robust, un-clonable and impossible to hack / copy way to physically verify and authenticate genuine products and physical assets. This is perfectly suited to higher value product categories with higher markup or price margins.

Easy check for consumers. No special app download required. Just tap the NFC & authenticate.

Uses unclonable secure NFC tags with changing keys on every tap & AES128 encryption. Impossible to replicate.

Customizible digital experiences going beyond the authentication results which can increase the value of the product.

One-stop solution with enterprise grade platform, customized tags according to your requirements, encoding hardware & software.

Completely configurable, architected to scale to millions of items &  can be integrated with other systems within the organization.

Anti Counterfeiting Solutions & Unclonable NFC Product Authentication with Qliktag


Order a Qliktag Test Kit

Order a Qliktag Test Kit & test / pilot the technology yourself before you decide to scale. The Qliktag Test Kit comes with a Qliktag Custom NFC Tag Encoder Device, Qliktag NFC Tools installable software for encoding tags on a MacOS or Windows laptop, a pack of 20 secure, unclonable NXP 424 DNA NFC tags, a free test account on the Qliktag Platform & links to online help resources, documentation on encoding the tags and all you would need to to setup a small pilot with your own products & custom experiences.