Tokenize Physical Products Paired with Digital Links + NFC Tags

Qliktag offers a complete technology solution to enable creators, designers, brands & manufacturers to tokenize physical products, create secure digital links at scale & enable them as unique, unclonable, digitally enhanced products that can participate in the digital world.


A One-Stop Complete Solution

Qliktag Platform

A highly scalable, secure, configurable & feature rich enterprise grade Saas platform to tokenize your physical items, create & manage secure digital links for them.

Experience Designer

A drag & drop designer to create browser based digital experiences on top of your products. Activated with a NFC enabled smartphone. No app required.

Secure NFC Tags

Highly specialized unclonable NFC tags designed specifically for authentication & anti-counterfeiting use which can be applied to or, embedded within your products.

NFC Tag Encoder

Customized USB NFC tag reading & encoding hardware device with drivers & installable software to encode the Qliktag links for a few tags at a time or at scale on a production line.

The Qliktag Platform

Qliktag Web3 Platform for Physicall NFTs - Platform Screen

The Qliktag Platform is an enterprise grade SaaS platform to digitally tokenize individual physical product instances (off-chain OR on-chain), model that product / physical asset with data attributes & design digital interactions / experiences for them to enhance the value of it. The platform then creates unique, secure digital link URLs which can be encoded into high security NFC tags and applied to the physical product creating a unique, secure, unclonable, verifiable 1:1 link between the physical product & the digital token that represents it in the digital realm.

It offers enterprises, brands or individual creators and designers a robust, secure & highly scalable technology software platform to manage your product instances & digital links with all the tools and features needed to design innovative digital experiences for those items at scale. 


  • Add & Tokenize Items With Ease

    Add or import your products, identifiers & attributes with ease either individually through forms, bulk import sheets or completely automated through the platform APIs. Every instance is automatically tokenized (off-chain) with a unique identifier. Optionally, they can also be paired with NFTs (on-chain).

  • Visual Interaction / Experience Designer

    The visual interaction / experience designer enables you to use drag & drop controls to design innovative web browser micro applications & interactive digital experiences for your products without the need to know coding. These can be saved as templates & applied to a few or millions of instances of your items & require nothing but a NFC enabled smartphone & web browser to activate on your product. No app downloads required on the consumer side.

  • Secure Digital Link Creator

    Secure digital links are generated for every individual instance of your products which can then be exported and used to encode within the secure NFC tags applied to your products. The Qliktag Platform supports the GS1 Global Standard for GS1 Digital Links which includes the product identifiers within the link URL and comes with an extensive configuration tool or manage these digital links.

  • Custom Domain URL for Digital Links

    The platform offers custom domain URLs for your product digital links so that your consumers know they are official, belong to your brand & the possibility of spoofing is mitigated. This is available on premium accounts only.

  • Multilingual Support

    Both the software platform as well as the digital experiences for consumers support multiple languages. Product attributes can be stored in as many languages as you require, experiences can be brought up to consumers in their language of choice and Qliktag has been in use in use globally in hundreds of languages.

  • Custom Entities & Data Models

    The Qliktag Platform features a highly flexible system configuration tool which enables you to model the type of physical entities you wish to manage within the system and customize the data model & attributes. Whether you need to add or edit a few attributes or design a complex data model, the platform has it covered.

  • Users, Roles & Permissions Configuration

    The platform has extensive capabilities for adding & managing multiple users, defining specific user roles and assigning permissions or restrictions to these roles ideal for large enterprises.

  • Insights & Analytics

    The platform has an in-built analytics dashboard to provide insights into scans / taps on products, location of these interactions, IP and other insights. Qliktag also has support for Google Analytics and tracking so your Google Tracking code can be added to the platforms "template settings" to use Google Analytics and receive detailed interaction data.

  • APIs & Integration

    The Qliktag Platform has an extensive library of well documented APIs which can be used to do virtually everything within the platform. From integrating other business systems, ERP, manufacturing software, bringing data into Qliktag or building custom applications on top of the platform, the APIs are ready & available.

  • Extensive Online Documentation & Help

    The platform offers easy one click configuration for common use however if you're an advanced user, there is extensive online documentation and help available to use the advanced features and customize your system exactly to your requirements.

Digital Experience Designer

Tokenizar productos físicos con blockchain NFT y NFC

The Digital Experience Designer which is part of the Qliktag Platform is a drag and drop tool which enables you to design innovative browser based web micro applications or experiences around your products. It can be used to design a template which can be applied across thousands or millions of items to generate unique experiences and digital link URLs which will then be encoded within the NFC tags so they can be activated by consumers with their phones without the need to download any special app. 

Get a FREE test account on the Qliktag Platform included with purchase of the Qliktag Test Kit

Secure NFC Tags

Solución de Autenticación de Productos y Etiquetas NFC Seguras Antifalsificación

The Qliktag NFC tags are manufactured using the NXP NTAG 424 DNA Secure NFC chips specially engineered for authentication of physical products & to be unclonable and impossible to hack or counterfeit. These NFC tags differ from most other NFC tags in that they have a circuit to dynamically generate a fresh, unique encrypted AES-128 key which changes every time the tag is tapped. This key generated by the tag is sent back to the Qliktag Platform along with the encoded digital link where it is then decrypted, authenticated and sent a response back to confirm the authenticity of the item. The key within the URL also expires almost instantly making it impossible for anyone to replicate the URL or clone it in another tag. As an additional layer of security, each tag also has a unique static UID which is registered within the platform against a serialized / tokenized item. This ensures, nobody can purchase their own NTAG 424 DNA tags and use them as only tags purchased & registered on the platform by you will be validated. This makes the technology among the most secure, unclonable and impossible to hack physical product authentication methods available today. It also offers simplicity & ease of use on the consumers side as they can simply tap  the product / tag with their NFC enabled phone without the need to download or install any additional app.

NFC Tag Encoder

Custom Qliktag NFC Tag Encoder for Type 4 & NTAG 424 DNA NFC Tags

The Qliktag USB NFC Tag Reader & Encoder is a hardware device which can be plugged into a windows / mac laptop or desktop system and used to encode the digital links created within the Qliktag Platform into the Secure NFC Tags. The NXP NTAG 424 DNA tags are sophisticated NFC tags classified as Type-4 NFC tags and require a significant number of configuration settings written to the tags beyond the URL which is encoded in most common tags. Qliktag simplifies this with a custom out of the box usb NFC tag reader / writer device with upgraded Qliktag firmware combined with a downloadable software application you can download to your Mac or Windows device in order to simplify encoding of the tags & recording of the Tag UIDs which can then be imported into the Qliktag Platform. 

The NFC Tag Encoder can be used by individual creators and small brands to upload a few digital links within the software and write a few tags at a time when needed. It can also be set to auto mode where a large number of digital links can be uploaded in bulk and encoded sequentially on a factory floor production line or label machine to encode reels of tags or items with tags as they are produced. The device, paired with the software application ensures you are entirely self sufficient and have everything you need to implement Qliktag for your products.


Order a Qliktag Test Kit

Order a Qliktag Test Kit & test / pilot the technology yourself before you decide to scale. The Qliktag Test Kit comes with a Qliktag Custom NFC Tag Encoder Device, Qliktag NFC Tools installable software for encoding tags on a MacOS or Windows laptop, a pack of 20 secure, unclonable NXP 424 DNA NFC tags, a free test account on the Qliktag Platform & links to online help resources, documentation on encoding the tags and all you would need to to setup a small pilot with your own products & custom experiences.