Simplify NFC Tag Management, Experience Design & Deployment


Have a custom NFC project which involves combining the physical with the digital? Qliktag offers NFC tag management, deployment & experience design capabilities which are highly configurable & built to scale.

NFC Tag Management that is Configurable, Scalable & Secure

Conceptualizing a phygital experience, generating a few web links and encoding a limited set of NFC tags is the simpler phase of any NFC project. Scaling that to generating thousands or even millions of web links, NFC tags with dynamic experiences which can be deployed out into the world and managed is often a challenge and a stumbling block for NFC projects. 

Qliktag offers a complete NFC tag management platform to configure your own projects / phygital experiences with flexible data models, design your own dynamic experiences, apply them to unlimited items, generate unique links that are ready to encode to the NFC tags and manage everything once deployed. All from a central platform.

Tokenizar productos físicos con blockchain NFT y NFC

NFC Tag Management With Qliktag

Configure your NFC project with custom data models, attributes based on your specific product, innovative ideas / use cases

Design NFC visual experiences using drag & drop digital experience designer tool & apply them in bulk to an unlimited number of items

Download unique & secure digital links generated automatically so they can easily be encoded into NFC tags & deployed on the physical items

Manage the items & the NFC tag experiences through their lifecycle, update experiences in realtime & gather insights

Custom domain. Your experiences, your data, your branding for your NFC project with your domain & custom URLs


Order a Qliktag Test Kit

Order a Qliktag Test Kit & test / pilot the technology yourself before you decide to scale. The Qliktag Test Kit comes with a Qliktag Custom NFC Tag Encoder Device, Qliktag NFC Tools installable software for encoding tags on a MacOS or Windows laptop, a pack of 20 secure, unclonable NXP 424 DNA NFC tags, a free test account on the Qliktag Platform & links to online help resources, documentation on encoding the tags and all you would need to to setup a small pilot with your own products & custom experiences.