The Internet of Products

The Internet of Products - Book by Qliktag Software

Decoding the Larger World of Pseudo-Connected Internet of Things

“Every once in a while, we encounter a phenomenon that doesn’t just create a stir but causes a fundamental shift in the landscape and alters the course. This is one of those technology paradigm shifts that can redefine our world in a significant way.”


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About this Book

Some watershed technological innovations have proven to alter the course of history. From the birth of the World Wide Web to the era of e-commerce and the emergence of social media as people’s media, technologies have been instrumental in shaping the world as it is today.

Today, the phenomena of “Internet of things” allows humans, devices and things to be interconnected. As a result, the space between the physical and digital is gradually reducing. While the phenomenon of the internet of things is gaining momentum, it ignores the larger word of “things” one uses in daily life which can’t connect directly to the internet.

The “The Internet of Products” attempts to decode the larger opportunity that lies in the world of pseudo-connected internet of things and potential it has to impact areas such as healthcare, automobile, retail, apparel and lifestyle effectively being the next big technology paradigm shift.

“This book will open your perspective to the much larger world of Internet of Products which goes beyond the constraints of connecting ‘things’ equipped with devices or sensors creating a more inclusive internet of everyday ‘things’  & applications that can improve our lives.”

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