Implement Digital Product Passport (DPP) With Ease


Generate EU regulation compliant Digital Product Passport (DPP) for your products that can be made accessible through item codes, serialized QR codes or NFC tags without the need for apps. Whether you’re a small brand or a global enterprise, Qliktag offers a flexible, complete, software platform & solution to start quickly & scale DPP with ease.

Digital Product Passport (DPP)

As part of the European Union / EU directives to transition into a more sustainable, transparent & circular economy, the Circular Economy Action Plan and the EU Green Deal mandated products sold within the European Union economic zone to implement a Digital Product Passport. Essentially, a digital product identifier paired with a digital twin for every physical product manufactured and sold in the EU. This would allow each product to maintain & update critical data about itself, it’s components, constituents, sustainability, recycling processes & log events along the way ensuring transparency & traceability from the point of manufacture, to the consumer and all through it’s lifecycle till it is recycled, disassembled or disposed. Additionally, this Digital Product Passport / DPP is required to be accessible to consumers, supply chain partners, machine readers, scanners, regulators and other stakeholders through a code such as a serialized QR code, RFID chip or NFC on the physical product itself so the DPP stays accessible on the physical product throughout it’s lifecycle. 

Digital Product Passport Powered by Qliktag

Key Components of Implementing DPP & Qliktag Features

The Qliktag Software Platform for tokenization of products and physical assets offers a turnkey yet, highly configurable and flexible technology solution to deploy Digital Product Passport across your products and manage them with ease. To understand how you can get started with creating Digital Product Passport (DPP) using Qliktag, it’s important to take a look at some of it’s key components. 

Unique Digital ID – A unique digital identifier which lives with the item through it’s lifecycle is key to being able to track it. The Qliktag solution creates a unique digital identifier or token for every item created within the platform whether it’s an individual serial item, product SKU, component, material or other physical entity.

Digital Twin / Entity – The Digital Product Passport at it’s core, is a digital twin of the physical product or a digital record bound to the physical item. As the Qliktag platform has been architected to link physical products with the digital world, it offers the tools you need to to model these physical entities & define their attributes, associations with other entities exactly like they exist in the physical world offering a high level of flexibility and configurability. Data models following GS1 standards for item data, serialization and traceability are available.

Unique & Secure Digital Links – For the Digital Product Passport to be accessible on the physical product via a reader or smartphone, the link between the physical item and digital experience is key. Qliktag is designed to generate unique digital links using GS1 identifiers and using the GS1 Digital Link Standard for web accessible digital product links which can easily be bulk downloaded and encoded into labels / printers / tags etc. Paired with Qliktag NFC tags, these links become unclonable, secure & can be authenticated to prevent counterfeiting & ensure increased product trust.

Visual Template Designer – For consumers to be able to visually access the Digital Product Passport through a product scan, Qliktag provides a feature rich, drag and drop visual experience template designer tool to design your DPP and customize the web experience based on your custom requirements while staying compliant to the DPP regulatory and standards requirements. 

Product Codes, Labels, Tags, RFID & NFC – The Qliktag solution makes it simple to bulk download the links required on the products and to work with or integrate with your packaging partners, label printers, tag creators or encode into RFID or NFC tags that eventually go on to the physical product. The platform allows you to select the activation technology that works best for your products and price points supporting a wide range of options. 

Integration & APIs – Interoperability is one of the key requirements for the Digital Product Passport initiative and whether it’s making the DPP data securely accessible to stakeholders and partners, bringing in data into the system from external systems, integrating mobile apps, scanners, readers and devices for event updates or building web applications, Qliktag has you covered with an extensive and well documented library of APIs. 

Solución de Software para Pasaporte de Producto Digital

Configure & customize your DPP entities, data model & system as per your real world requirements, product journey & business processes

Add your item data manually, bulk import or automate the creation of digital twins through API integration with third party systems

Customize your Digital Product Passport with a drag & drop designer augmenting your physical product with digital features & capabilities

Export the GS1 Digital Link unique URLs generated for each item, encode to NFC tags or share with your label printer to print QR codes on your items

Manage your DPP centrally within the platform dashboard, develop & integrate other data sources, scanning apps to update events, data & access insights

Why Qliktag For Digital Product Passports?

  • Flexible & highly configurable 
  • Suitable for large enterprises & small brands
  • On cloud digital IDs or paired NFT token IDs
  • Maintain data on cloud / on blockchain / hybrid
  • Supports NFC tags / Printed QR Codes / More
  • Mature platform with extensive library of APIs
  • Leverages GS1 global standards
  • Compliant with EU DPP directives
  • Integration with other systems & platforms
  • Start small & scale when required
  • Pay cents per item / DPP generated

Implementing Digital Product Passport with Qliktag

Digital Product Passport Example


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