With the Arrival of Zero Waste & Packageless Products – What Happens to Label Information & Brand Communication?

Retail Technology

There has been visible development with regards to sustainable trends across the CPG retail industry. While individuals are becoming mindful of their lifestyles and their environmental footprints, brands are starting to take end-to-end accountability of their production habits. The concept of zero-waste circular economy is also gaining momentum, where the focus is on refining the […]

IoT for Consumer Retail – List of Top Companies & Solutions

Internet of Products, Internet of Things (IOT)

We’ve compiled a list some of the most prominent companies providing IoT solutions to consumer retailer brands.  Let’s take a look:  1. Qliktag Qliktag IoT Connected Smart Products Platform allows brands and manufactures to assign a QLIKTAG or internet identifier to everyday consumer products and allows them to participate in the Internet of Things.  Enabling […]