What Good is all that Automation, Digital Transformation & Data if Consumers Don’t See it?

Connected Packaging

The more people I’ve heard from within various consumer product companies, the more impressed I am with just how far we’ve come with digital transformation, automation and the ability to generate data and use it to drive smarter businesses and processes. In just the last few months, I’ve come across companies that have collated detailed […]

Going Beyond the Expected with SmartLabel


The SmartLabel™ solution gathered substantial momentum over the last year and key CPG brands have joined the consumer transparency initiative. The GMA SmartLabel initiative came at the right time. Consumer transparency expectations are at an all-time high in both consumers and brands alike.  Although SmartLabel™ is still in its initial stages as far as implementation […]

PIM Software Solution- A Buyers Guide

Internet of Products, Retail Technology

As the retail industry keeps evolving, retailers and organizations continue innovating technology-enabled processes for refining product operations. Whether a business is just starting out or has been established for a while and has multiple SKUs, supplier, vendors and customer under its belt, product information management plays a critical role in the end to end retail. […]

It Takes a Product Content Obsessive Organization to Nail Digital Retail

Retail Technology

The face of digital retail looks promising as many e-commerce giants are challenging the status-quo of traditional retail. Technology leaders are obsessed with developing tools and software aimed at driving sales. According to a webinar by Forrester Research, digital influences ½ of the retail market, especially in the United States. This does not imply that […]

Why Collaboration is Key to the Future of Product Information Management Software

Product Information Management

The use of PIM systems or “Product Information Management software” today, like the process of gathering and managing product content is very fragmented. Organizational PIM systems are installed or deployed by various departments within companies that manufacture products or retail organizations and each of these departments operate in silos based on what part of the […]