Wineries have been quick to adapt to QR code labels in an attempt to leverage mobile marketing. While the inclusion of QR codes for mobile marketing is widely being explored across various business verticals, the pairing of QR codes and wine is particularly interesting for some very fundamental reasons.
To begin with, buying and enjoying wine is an “experience”. An experience that can really be enhanced by knowledge; whether that means, exploring tasting notes, knowing the location of the vineyard, the conditions under which the grapes were grown, history of the winery, ideal temperature for storing the wine, ideal pairings or so much more that may be associated with what is contained in the bottle. All these facts and knowledge bytes add up into making the actual experience of enjoying that wine, all the more satisfying.

Another factor that favors the use of QR code and mobile connectivity with wines: enjoying a wine is a largely social experience. Having a conversation over a bottle, discussing it with the winemaker, comparing it, exchanging opinions is as much a part of the overall experience as the wine itself. Traditionally a winery has only been able to interact and be part of the social aspect with those that might visit the vineyard itself or attend a tasting session. The QR code-enabled connection with remote buyers can enable wine brands to interact socially with buyers everywhere, get feedback, tell the story behind the grape and quite literally enhance the social experience that comes with buying a particular bottle of wine.

Eventually, the effectiveness of enhancing the experience or adding value to the buyer will depend on how well a brand can engage with the buyer, the quality of the content and information that users can connect to, how well a brand can actually interact with them and how the mobile experience is delivered. However, it’s clear there is something valuable a winery can deliver through mobile technology to buyers that can impact the experience. Similarly, there are valuable insights, feedback, customer preferences and intelligence that can be gathered by winemakers through mobile technology too.We have to say wine and QR codes make a fine pairing!



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June 2024