NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., May 5, 2020  — Qliktag Software Inc. a leading software innovator has announced the release of the latest version 2.2 specification SmartLabel® as one of the key new features on the latest release of its Qliktag Platform.

The Qliktag Platform is a cloud based IoT connected smart products platform for enabling trust in everyday consumer products. The platform presently in its third major release, enables brands and manufacturers to connect tagged products in order to send or receive information about themselves through an identifier, a digital twin and a web accessible link over the cloud.

The platform has been in use to power solutions for e-labeling, traceability, tracking, authentication, smart packaging applications and has also been among the earliest SmartLabel solution providers since version 1.0 was deployed in 2016.

The company has released the latest SmartLabel® based on the specification and design standards published by the Consumer Brands Association (formerly Grocery Manufacturers Association). With this release, users of the Qliktag Platform will be able to configure, publish and manage the latest design of SmartLabel® for food & beverage category products, non-food category products, OTC category products and vitamins & supplements category products.

The new SmartLabel® format includes a redesigned nutrition facts panel which matches the FDA nutrition panel requirements on physical labels and packaging. It also includes a detailed listing of chemical ingredients and chemicals of concern in non-food products and a number of design and attribute enhancements over the previous versions. The new SmartLabel® also features a “BE” badge or logo for food and beverage products that require disclosure of of GMO or bioengineered ingredients completely in accordance with the requirements of the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard regulation or NBFDS. The latest SmartLabel version will be an accepted form of electronic disclosure compliance for the bioengineered food regulation.

“With the various regulations drawing closer to the deadlines around chemical ingredient disclosure, bioengineered food disclosure as well as consumer driven requirements, we see brands and manufacturers of all sizes requiring a robust solution to manage SmartLabel®.” says Dilip Daswani, CEO at Qliktag Software Inc. “Our platform has been flexible enough for large manufacturers to integrate their enterprise systems across business units, PIM solutions and legacy applications to update real-time product attribute changes to their SmartLabels and at the same time, been convenient for small brands with a few products to simply sign up, add their product data and deploy SmartLabel® in an easy, cost effective way.” Dilip adds.

“What we see is once brands or manufacturers have the initial product data within the Qliktag Platform and their SmartLabels published, that foundation paves the way to several other applications using the platform from being able to make that data available to other partners, other applications and expanding the level of information consumers can access through the product / links” comments Neil Sequeira, Director of Product & Marketing at Qliktag Software Inc. “There’s an opportunity once the consumer activates any link digitally to provide additional content, traceability information, batch level information like expiry and safe to use dates, provenance information and even specific information consumers are looking out for in present times in relation to the ongoing pandemic crisis. Every additional application goes a step further in fostering trust with the consumer.” Neil adds.

According to the Consumer Brands Forum, participating companies were expected to switch to version 2.0 of the SmartLabel® format by early 2020. The version 2.2 of the SmartLabel® design which is the latest iteration has been released for use within the Qliktag Platform ahead of schedule.

About Qliktag Software

Qliktag Software Inc. is an innovator of software solutions that bridges the gap between brands and buyers, fostering trust, stronger relationships and more personalized connections between the two.

Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, the Qliktag Platform for IoT connected smart products is a one of a kind platform, raising everyday consumer products as “Smart Products” through an internet identifier and a “digital twin” for each batch, product or serial instance. This allows the product to send or receive information over the internet throughout its life cycle, enabling a wide range of smart applications & business processes from transparency, traceability, authentication, personalization, activation, customer engagement and more.


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