Retail Technology

According to the International Council of Shopping Centers, the shopping this holiday season is expected to be very strong, with the sales forecast to grow at 4 percent, as shopping is no longer restricted to normal office hours or PCs.

Google suggests that one-third of the shopping searches on the search engine happen between 10 pm to 4 am, because people are using their tablets and mobile devices into the late hours to evaluate purchases. It has become a natural practice for us to read and research about the products we are interested in before bed.

For any SEM strategy, mobile search should be an integral part, as 87 percent of the consumers relies on mobile to conduct searches at least once a day, suggested by a study conducted in ‘The Point of Influence: Understanding the Shopping Habits of Mobile Consumers,” by Yahoo.

Mobiles have become an indispensable part of one’s life. Earlier, shoppers used to evaluate and research in-store with the help of the sales assistant, but with the mobile phones, shoppers have tremendous information, reviews, price comparison apps, available discounts and offers with just a few taps and swipes.

Mobile searches are done everywhere, such as home or work, where a PC is likely available. Searches are done in numerous topics, results emphasize that mobile search is an integral part of the shopping experience and often the starting point for a multi-step journey to making a purchase.

Study suggests:

·         24 percent bought something on their mobile phones weekly

·         58 percent said it’s a very convenient way to search

·         49 percent shoppers researched something daily

·         56 percent shoppers were introduced to new brands through mobile

·         69 percent of purchases occurred in-person within 5 hours of the search

·         68 percent shoppers say mobile search helps them make better buying decisions

Keeping in mind the above data, it’s necessary that marketers design a strategy to keep them present, visible, and ensuring content is useful, has the necessary information, and response when consumers make their searches. For shoppers, mobile usage and social media are both on the rise. It isn’t about the future; it is about right here, right now. Mobile marketing and mobile customer engagement should be a top priority for any current day organization.


May 2024