Newport Beach, 5th February, 2015 – GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg, along with solutions provider Qliktag Software Inc. announced today that they have exceeded 60,000 uploaded product GTINs  with over 1,500 manufacturers and suppliers and 36 data recipients from retail, foodservice and the wholesale industries, currently on its online product data aggregator platform “Trustbox”. The solution was deployed for its member organizations in August 2014. GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg is one of the most progressive GS1 member organizations making strides in complying with EU/1169 regulations.  Powered by Qliktag Software’s Q*Aggregator platform Trustbox offers its member organizations and manufacturers a robust product data aggregator which can be used to deliver trusted product data to third-party recipients as well as consumers and provides access to accurate product data, nutritional information and verified data on a daily basis.

“We have had great success onboarding member manufacturers and suppliers to start using the system.   They have taken charge of uploading and verifying their product data on a regular basis and we’re seeing new item data added daily” says Jan Somers, CEO of GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg.  “With verified nutritional and other data for over 60,000 products by our GS1 members,  we’re able to ensure that consumers and suppliers that sell food products are able to get trusted information directly from manufacturers” he adds.

“GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg signed on to use Q*Aggregator in June of last year. Now they have full integration with GDSN and have done a remarkable job with the speed at which they have been able to help manufacturers use the system” says Dilip Daswani, CEO of Qliktag Software Inc. “We’re excited on the quick adoption of the data aggregator platform and are looking to the future in working with Belgium and their team to add complementary solutions that leverage the data that has been captured” Daswani adds.

With GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg accomplishing this milestone, Qliktag Software has recently signed other GS1 member organization ( names will be announced soon ) who are in the process of implementing Q*Aggregator which not only complies with EU/1169 but will be an important system for the future, given consumers’ needs and the evolution of digital and mobile-enabled commerce grows.


About Qliktag Software

Qliktag Software Inc. is an innovator of mobile software solutions working towards intuitive technology solution that bridge the gap between brands and buyers fostering stronger relationships and more personalized connections between the two. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, USA, the company has launched Q*Engine a cloud-based in-store mobile engagement platform, Q*Aggregator an online B2C product data aggregation platform, Q*App a custom branded white-label in-store app for brands or retailers and other cutting-edge mobile solutions that address the changing direction of consumer engagement and marketing in today’s world.

About GS1 Belgium & Luxemburg

GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg ASBL is part of the global GS1 organization.GS1 develops global uniform standards for the identification and capture and share information in more than 100 countries. In the world, more than 2 million companies in 30 different sectors joined GS1. We think from the chain, are neutral and have the solutions at home. Our strength? The more than 5,500 Belgian and Luxembourg companies that are members of GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg and use the GS1 standards.




Kim Simonalle

Sales Director, GS1 Solutions

Qliktag Software Inc



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