The advantages of extended packaging are many. Here are two most important ones.

Extended packaging could very well be the future of mobile marketing. Since consumers depend on their mobile devices for a lot of different things – actively shopping, browsing, reading reviews and comparing prices – brands need to step up their efforts to reach them on this particular platform.While ‘mobile marketing’ is the catch-all term used to describe all marketing activity that happens on the mobile platform, we need to delineate the exact nature of ‘extended packaging’ before we proceed further.

So what is extended packaging?

In a previous post, we had outlined what exactly we mean when we use the term ‘extended packaging’. However, this is something that could stand repetition and perhaps some elaboration as well. The first thing one needs to clear about is that while all extended packaging could come under the rubric of ‘mobile marketing’, not all mobile marketing is the same as ‘extended packaging’. It is important to point out that the primary purpose of ‘extended packaging’ is sharing relevant information with consumers that is not strictly ‘marketing’ in its tone.

What this means is that when brands use extended packaging, the express purpose is not that of marketing; rather, brands use extended packaging as a means of channeling relevant information to consumers. The information could also flow from consumers to brands in the form of shopping data and buying patterns.

The main advantages of extended packaging

  1. The first is that by scanning the 2D code on the packaging of the products they purchase, consumers will be able to tell where their products came from. This is particularly important because more consumers these days are placing a great deal of importance on consuming products that have been locally and/or ethically produced. By using extended packaging to convey the necessary information to consumers, brands will be able to establish a relationship of greater trust with them.
  2. The other great advantage of extended packaging is that brands will be able to more easily authenticate the products that they sell.This is especially important when it comes to electronic goods and high value or luxury products. When consumers scan the 2D code on the product packaging they will be automatically registering the product as ‘authentic’ in the brand’s database. This is also a great way for brands to keep track of consumer purchase patterns.


May 2024