Phygital NFT Creation & Management

Innovative Solutions for NFT Enthusiasts, Brands, Manufacturers & Creators

In a world where digital and physical seamlessly converge, Qliktag the Phygital NFT Creation & Management Software Platform emerges as a game-changer. This cutting-edge software platform combined with secure NFT tags which create unclonable links between physical assets and their digital capabilities not only revolutionizes the NFT landscape but also provides unparalleled support for creators that are looking to merge their physical products with digital capabilities and blockchain ownership. Let’s dive into the intricate details that make this platform stand out.

Bridging the Gap: Phygital Explained

Transformative Fusion of Physical and Digital Realms

The term “Phygital” encapsulates the convergence of physical and digital elements. In the realm of NFTs, this means bringing tangible assets into the digital space. The Qliktag Phygital NFT Creation & Management Software Platform pioneers this fusion, allowing creators to breathe life into their physical creations through the digital realm. More importantly, the links created by the Qliktag software and NFC tag solution between the physical asset and digital NFT / features and capabilities can be authenticated, can not be replicated or cloned, secure, verifiable, can not be shared and can only be accessed on the physical product itself. This creates a unique inextricable link between physical & digital unlike QR codes or ordinary web URLs.  

Unlocking Creativity: Navigating the Platform

Seamless Phygital NFT Creation and Management

Navigating the Qliktag Phygital NFT Platform is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface. From creation of tokenized items and digital twins of physical products in the system, pairing with NFTs minted on the blockchain, adding item specific data attributes to actually creating interactive phygital experiences using a drag and drop designer. The platform’s intuitive design ensures a hassle-free experience, even for those new to the NFT landscape. Beyond actually pairing NFTs and physical products, the solution goes beyond to offering hardware and software to encode the NFC chips embedded in the physical items, lock and secure them and manage the items and experiences from a central dashboard once both the NFTs and physical items are out in the market. 

Why Choose Phygital?

Revolutionizing NFT Ownership While Redefining Traditional Physical Consumer Product Value

Phygital NFTs redefine ownership dynamics. By intertwining physical and digital aspects, creators can offer a unique value which is greater than just a physical product or just a digital NFT on their own. Phygital products not only exist both in the physical and digital world, they each offer value and when combined, the value and price of the physical asset is far greater than its individual components. For example a sports jersey purchased by a fan has value on its own as a standalone physical product. However, when combined with an NFT token that can be traded digitally as well as digital features where information about the team, upcoming matches, exclusive content for fans unlocked on the jersey, special offers and exclusive rewards merged together with the physical product, it has far more value to the fan and can fetch a far higher price. This not only adds value but also opens up new avenues for adding value to physical things through augmenting them with digital features and capabilities. The possibilities are endless.

Supporting the Future of Creation

Empowering Creators Worldwide

At the heart of the Phygital NFT Platform is a commitment to empowering creators globally. The platform’s user-friendly interface, coupled with rich features, robust management tools, scalability and flexibility to configure it for multiple kinds of products and business processes ensures that brands, manufacturers and creators can focus on their products and offering while the platform takes care of the technicalities. 

Seamless Integration and Interoperability

Breaking Barriers, Connecting Communities

Phygital NFTs aren’t confined to a single platform nor are the systems and data sources required to create them and update them through their journey both in the physical and digital realms. The technology ensures seamless integration via APIs and interoperability across various internal and external systems, data sources, NFTs on various blockchains etc.. 

In Conclusion

NFTs created a wave when they were introduced and while the views on their actual value as digital assets has divided people online, there has been consensus that the core technology, power and potential of NFTs is immense and game changing. When applied to physical products and real world assets, its real power and potential is unleashed. The Qliktag Phygital NFT Creation & Management Software Platform is a complete solution to create and manage phygital NFTs at scale. The future is phygital. 


June 2024