Newport Beach, California, April 5th Innovative software company Qliktag Software Inc., announces the launch of their new book “The Internet of Products. – Decoding the Larger World of Pseudo-connected Internet of Things”.

The book brings to light the larger opportunity that lies in the world of pseudo-connected internet of things or everyday things that don’t have a direct connection to the internet themselves.  The potential this wider group of objects has to participate in the IoT world and impact areas such as healthcare, automobile, retail, apparel, and lifestyle is the next big technology paradigm shift.

The Internet of Products book launch comes at a time when a fundamental shift is already happening in the technology space surrounding product information flow, retail technology and the Internet of Things. The authors believe that some technologies alter the course of how we do things in a significant way and at the intersection of Product Data Management and the Internet of Things lies a new game-changing technology development that clearly has the potential to cause a paradigm shift.

While the phenomenon of the internet of things is gaining momentum, it ignores the larger world of “things” one uses in daily life which can’t connect directly to the internet”,  comments Dilip Daswani, CEO of Qliktag Software Inc. “As a result, we’ve been conditioned to thinking the Internet of Things applications can apply only to smart homes, wearable devices, cars or appliances that can go online. We don’t associate it with non-connected everyday objects like potatoes, toothpaste, a bicycle or medicines. But what if they could go online too? ”, Dilip adds.

“IOT or the Internet of Things has been around for some time now but there has been an equally exciting technology space that has been evolving in parallel which is wider and potentially opens the doors to more innovative applications in future,” says Neil Sequeira, co-author and Director of Product Management & Marketing at Qliktag.“In order to grasp the possibilities that lie on the Internet of Products concept, we need to first dispel the existing notions about the IoT, E-commerce, and IoP all being the same thing. The Internet of Products allows products or entities you wouldn’t normally associate with IoT enabled objects to participate on the internet, send and receive information without directly connecting themselves”, Neil adds.

The book presents some interesting use cases where the underlying concepts of IoP have played a role in solving business challenges or creating innovative IoP applications that have real-world relevance.

“Studying the challenges businesses face today and understanding the role the Internet of Products is playing in helping them solve these challenges in real-time is remarkable and highlights the true potential of Internet of Products”, adds Sharan Ahluwalia, co-author and Content and Communications Strategist at Qliktag Software Inc. “We’ve tried to keep the theoretical explanations to a minimum and compile some of the innovative things organizations have done in order to open the reader’s perspective to what is possible and how they can apply these inspiring ideas to their own fields of interest” comments Sharan.

The authors believe that the book and the concepts covered by it will help readers look at products or things in a different way in the context of how they participate on the internet.  “The Internet of Products” is currently available as a paperback or Kindle e-book through Amazon and information about the book is available on


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May 2024