NEWPORT BEACH, CA, July 15, 2014  – Qliktag Software Inc., an Orange County-based innovator of mobile software solutions, today announced the completion of two strategic acquisitions. The company acquired Data Aggregator Software and related technology assets from epcSolutions, Inc., including Nutrifacts, a mobile app for scanning groceries and product barcodes to receive color-coded information on nutrition facts and coupons at the point of sale straight to a smartphone. Also acquired was social media and digital agency Buzzfactory Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

A leading software solutions provider in the retail space, epcSolutions provides RFID compliance software to companies like Walmart and the Department of Defense (DOD) supplier community, as well as barcode solutions and data aggregator software that improve supply chain management for GS1 countries. The Nutrifacts online aggregator serves as a reliable, trusted source of B2C data and allows information managed by the brand owner or private label retailer to be accessed by mobile applications and send certified nutritional information directly to a consumer’s handheld device. As part of the acquisition, Qliktag obtains not only epcSolutions’ systems but also their existing customers.

“The software platform we’ve built at Qliktag over the last two years has revolutionized in-store retail engagement and mobile merchandising by creating interactive, mobile-enabled environments where shoppers can use their smartphones to engage with and learn more about products they intend to buy,” says Dilip Daswani, CEO of Qliktag. “The Nutrifacts asset from epcSolutions will integrate well with our solutions, and we plan to invest in developing the software further.”

Qliktag’s other acquisition is social media and digital agency Buzzfactory, headquartered in Pune, India. This move allows Qliktag to tap into Buzzfactory’s expertise in social media, content creation and digital campaign development to provide a value-add to Qliktag’s existing in-store mobile merchandising and engagement technology platform. Qliktag had an earlier stake in the company, dating back to January 2013, when Qliktag made an angel investment in Buzzfactory. Through an undisclosed cash and stock deal, Qliktag has now assumed complete ownership. Founder Neil Sequeira will continue as Buzzfactory CEO, while Jeff Ballard will head North America operations at the Newport Beach, California office.

“The acquisition will strengthen our ability to extend our existing solutions for managing social media and digital initiatives to not just North America but markets all over the world,” said Sequeira. “We firmly believe that mobile engagement, mobile merchandising and connecting the digital world with the physical world will be a significant part of the future of retail. By combining our strength in creative services with Qliktag’s strength in technology and mobile innovation, we’re well positioned to keep up with the changing retail landscape.”

“With Buzzfactory’s track record of successfully deploying in-store mobile experiences using Qliktag’s technology platform, this acquisition will allow us to offer our customers a more complete, innovative software and services solution,” said Qliktag CEO Dilip Daswani. “Mobile technology, social media, and digital strategy are all drivers in the changes we’re witnessing in retail, commerce and business. This will further strengthen our capabilities in those areas.”

Qliktag has already seen some creative uses/applications for its mobile merchandising technology platform, with early customers like Jack Daniels, C. Mondavi & Family, SurfCity Nissan and others have used the technology to engage their mobile-equipped customers and offer a more interactive experience with their products in-store.

About Qliktag Software

Qliktag Software Inc. is an innovator of mobile software solutions that bridge the gap between brands and buyers — fostering stronger relationships and more personalized connections between the two. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Qliktag’s cloud-based software platform allows brands and retailers to design and set up interactive mobile experiences on location — connecting with and engaging customers — while gathering valuable insights.

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About epcSolutions, Inc.

epcSolutions, Inc. develops RFID compliance software for users such as the DoD Suppliers Community and large retailers like Walmart and Sam’s Club. The supply chain management platform allows for management of all types of assets in a typical organization: work in process, inventory, fixed assets, and people. The company’s GS1Net3 platform suite implements the GS1 System, a series of standards designed to improve supply chain management.

About Buzzfactory Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

Buzzfactory is a 360-degree social media & digital consulting agency that partners with businesses to spearhead strategy & execution of their digital initiatives. Buzzfactory started off in April 2009 as a small team of highly passionate bloggers, social media enthusiasts and web marketing professionals who had experience in online marketing, developing a web presence, branding and engagement through content marketing, digital marketing, and social media. As one of the earliest social & digital start-ups established initially in India, it’s evolved as one of the more reputed agencies, attracted global clientele and has developed strong expertise over the years.





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