A number of brands we’ve talked to about deploying and managing SmartLabel™ for their brands and products ask about the benefits of SmartLabel™ and what it offers over and above printing information directly on the packaging label. There are several commonly talked about benefits from being able to provide more detailed information that would usually fit on print packaging, being able to explain more about ingredients, certifications and other aspects where there are clear advantages of digital labeling and SmartLabel™ scores.

One of the key benefits of launching your own SmartLabel™ or digital label program sooner than later from our point of view as an ”Internet of Products” platform company is the ability to deliver that detailed & accurate product information in the ‘Digital Marketplace’.

Let’s elaborate – One of the key concerns with getting a SmartLabel™ program rolling within the organization other than gathering the product data is deploying QR codes on the packaging which involves cost and effort in re-designing and changing the packaging. There’s also the concern of “who is going to scan it?” and “will consumers actually scan the packaging?”. Perhaps too much emphasis is put on the QR code and whether consumers will scan a product since a lot of the basic key attributes are available on the print packaging. One of the fastest growing marketplaces for consumer products however is online. E-commerce sites and the digital domain account for a significant part of retail and the pace at which it’s growing makes the digital marketplace tough to ignore. Especially when it comes to consumer transparency demands and the online consumer whose decisions are driven by access to detailed information about their purchases.

This is where the SmartLabel™ with its inherently recognizable branding can help build trust between consumers and brands directly within the digital marketplace. Essentially, the SmartLabel™ is an internet accessible web page with trusted product information that comes directly from the brand or manufacturer. Each SmartLabel™ comes with a web URL which can be made available simply by placing a link wherever the product is being purchased online working as a symbol of trust consumers can rely on to access first-hand accurate details on the product direct from the consumer. As a consumer, regardless of which e-commerce site or online retailer I found the product on, I’m reassured by the SmartLabel™ link beside the product listing which I can rely on as a source of information from the brand even without having the physical product packaging in front of me.

Qliktag Platform - SmartLabel Solution

With products being sold across so many online retailers and different web platforms today, with product information and descriptions being written up by so many different sources, the SmartLabel™ offers brands and manufacturers an opportunity to be in control of their core product information at the digital point of purchase by making SmartLabel™ links available and instantly accessible wherever the product is featured on the web. With more brands large and small participating, this is a first step in the right direction to leverage SmartLabel™ without involving re-printing labels, packaging changes and additional overhead costs. This is a scenario in which SmartLabel™ effectively becomes a substitute for a physical label or packaging and works towards meeting consumers growing need for accurate and transparent product information.


July 2024