Newport Beach, 7th April 2015 – Qliktag Software Inc. has announced it has deployed a product support center for GS1 customers using it’s Q*Aggregator B2C customer product data aggregator platform at its Pune, India office in order to ensure around the clock support. The launch of support through its offices in India will enable the company to offer more accessible customer and technical product support to its growing base of GS1 clients from Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. It will also extend 24-hour support capabilities to other GS1 clients and their member manufacturers across North America, South America, Europe and the Asia Pacific through offices in the US as well as India.
“With more GS1s using the Q*Aggregator platform and beginning to onboard their member manufacturers entering consumer product and nutrition-related data into the system, we wanted to make support more accessible during their working hours and have a team located closer to their region,” says Dilip Daswani, CEO of Qliktag Software Inc.

The company which has had a product development team in Pune a key western software hub city of India has added product technical support capabilities as well as support services capabilities as more interest develops around its consumer product data aggregator which meets EU/1169 compliance standards. The software has been successfully deployed by GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg with remarkably quick onboarding times and is in the process of being deployed by other GS1 organizations both in the West and other regions.

“The response to our Q*Aggregator platform has been very positive and as we look to South East Asia, the Middle East and other regions, we felt it’s important to our customers as well as GS1s within the regions have a team within close proximity whom they could coordinate with” adds Kim Simonalle, Sales Director & Product Manager, GS1 Solutions at Qliktag Software.

The company has been working closely with GS1 organizations in various countries to deploy verified, trusted consumer product data delivery directly from manufacturers to publishers such as e-commerce websites, mobile application publishers, and other authorized parties through its technology platform. In addition, it has been working towards launching some highly unique features which will integrate with the data aggregator and extend member manufacturers and brands mobile-enabled solutions to connect with and communicate with the smartphone-equipped customers through its products.

About Qliktag Software

Qliktag Software Inc. is an innovator in mobile software solutions working towards intuitive technology solution that bridge the gap between brands and buyers fostering stronger relationships and more personalized connections between the two. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, USA, the company has launched Q*Engine a cloud-based in-store mobile engagement platform, Q*Aggregator an online B2C product data aggregation platform, Q*App a custom branded white-label in-store app for brands or retailers and other cutting-edge mobile solutions that address the changing direction of consumer engagement and marketing in today’s world.



Kim Simonalle
Sales Director, GS1 Solutions
Qliktag Software Inc


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