Walmart helps customers save time and money with its mobile app – Scan & Go

Walmart is making it easier for customers to save time with its fast, simple and easy to use mobile app – ‘Scan & Go’. The retail giant is expanding a test of its popular mobile express Scan & Go app to 100 Walmart stores across the US.

The app allows customers to scan and bag items, including produce, while they shop and pay directly with their phones. There’s no more waiting in line at the register.

And here’s how it looks:

Walmart is even enabling customers to test the app prior to downloading it on their phones, by providing in-store Scan & Go kiosks.

Not only does Scan & Go save time by letting people skip the register, it also helps make staying on a budget easier. Customers see the price of individual items as they scan them along with a running total.

Walmart has been at the forefront of the movement towards aggregating & mobilizing high-quality product content across its selection of products. And it is this focus on the importance of product data that has enabled Walmart to build & launch highly innovative retail applications for improved customer experiences on top of. The Walmart supplier center was an insightful initiative set up by this leading Retailer where the company invited suppliers to add and enrich product content attributes for each of their products into a central product data hub.

Walmart can now leverage this platform and the data collected to power its innovative mobile applications like Scan & Go with the Walmart Supplier Center and further optimize the shopping experience.

Such data-driven customer-centric initiatives are enhancing the shopping experience in today’s retail landscape. Walmart’s Scan & Go is a great example of how the product attributes and content that makes up the “Internet of Products” can influence better customer experiences retail.


December 2023