How Connected Technology Breathes Life into Brick and Mortar Retail

Internet of Things (IOT), Retail Technology

Brick and mortar retail is not dead nor dying. There are some things we love about brick and mortar retail outlets which online retail cannot compensate for. Using our senses to make decisions and being able to touch, smell, see and experience products cannot be replicated online. However, the brick and mortar retail experience could […]

Features of IoT Connected Smart Products & Packaging

Internet of Products, Internet of Things (IOT), Product Information Management

Think back to the last product you consumed! Maybe it was a pack of orange juice or a loaf of bread. What did you do when it reached its shelf life? You probably read some of the information it was able to hold and then tossed it into the bin. Traditional packaging for products have […]

How Smart Products are Shaping Today’s Consumer Retail

Internet of Products, Internet of Things (IOT)

Automation, smarter systems, and processes are emerging in almost all aspects of CPG retail. With consumer retail technology undergoing dynamic shifts to the digital, everyday objects are turning into smart objects. A Smart Product is a product that maintains information about itself and the context to enable new digital processes and capabilities. Everyday products can […]

IoT Enabled Smart Clothing Can Fight Counterfeiting

Internet of Things (IOT)

Contemporary fashion is undergoing a transformation. We are increasingly witnessing all industry sectors shift towards the digital. And fashion is no stranger to technology. Counterfeiting has become a global menace. We have already discussed how IoT is helping companies like HP fight counterfeiting. But the fashion industry is trickier. Counterfeiting and fake products manufacturing are […]