Anti-Counterfeit Secure NFC Tags & Technology: A Revolutionary Solution


In a world where counterfeiting has become increasingly sophisticated, the need for advanced anti-counterfeiting measures is more critical than ever. One of the most innovative solutions in this domain is the use of anti-counterfeit secure NFC (Near Field Communication) tags. These tags, equipped with unique identifiers that dynamically generate with each tap, offer a robust […]

Hybrid Product Ideas with Qliktag – Sports Memorabilia with NFC + NFT

Hybrid Product Ideas with Qliktag

In this new series “Hybrid Product Ideas with Qliktag” we share some interesting ideas and examples of ordinary physical products and assets and address how their value can be enhanced by tokenizing and digitally augmenting them through the use of printed electronic tags. Today, we look into sports memorabilia & collectibles. Authentic sports memorabilia and […]

IoT Enabled Smart Clothing Can Fight Counterfeiting

Internet of Things (IOT)

Contemporary fashion is undergoing a transformation. We are increasingly witnessing all industry sectors shift towards the digital. And fashion is no stranger to technology. Counterfeiting has become a global menace. We have already discussed how IoT is helping companies like HP fight counterfeiting. But the fashion industry is trickier. Counterfeiting and fake products manufacturing are […]

How HP Uses Internet of Things to Tackle the Counterfeiting Menace

Internet of Products, Retail Technology

Counterfeiting is a major concern for brands. Companies lose billions of dollars in revenue and consumers also suffer the consequences in situations where they are unable to verify themselves or their ownership over products. “The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimates the annual value of international trade in all counterfeit goods at $200 […]