Tokenization of Real World Assets & Pairing NFT with NFC Links to Bridge the Physical & Digital Worlds

Digitalization, Hybrid Product Ideas with Qliktag, NFT

Tokenization of Real World Assets Today we have an ever increasing part of the global population spending more of their time in the digital world. People connecting within the metaverse, gamers interacting in digital realms, consumers transacting online and the fusion of the physical and digital realms has become a topic of immense significance. As […]

NFT with NFC: The Future of Physical Collectibles


The world of NFTs created ripples everywhere and it was the realm of digital art where this breakthrough in technology really made waves. While the initial hype around NFTs has somewhat waned, the potential tokenization holds to revolutionize so many areas of our lives, is immense and we’ve only really seen the top of the […]

Qliktag Software Inc. Chosen for Newchip’s Seed-Stage Global Accelerator Program


Digital tokenization of products & physical asset NFTs platform among top applicants selected for Newchip’s exclusive accelerator   NEWPORT BEACH, CA, January 31, 2023 — Qliktag, a solution for enabling creators, brands & manufacturers to create a new generation of digitally augmented physical products using unclonable printed electronic NFC chips, was accepted into Newchip’s renowned […]