Custom Qliktag Encoder Device (USB)

The Custom Qliktag Encoder Device with USB interface simplifies the otherwise complicated process of encoding Type-4 NFC tags such as the NXP NTAG424 DNA series tags. Featuring customized firmware for the device & encoding software installable on a Windows or MacOS desktop / laptop, the device is the perfect companion to the Qliktag Platform & offers a convenient, complete solution for encoding & managing your Qliktags.

Custom Qliktag NFC Tag Encoder for Type 4 & NTAG 424 DNA NFC Tags

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Download Installable Software

Qliktag NFC Tools software for Windows 11 requires Microsoft Windows 11 & above to install.

For older versions of Windows, please download the Windows 10 version of Qliktag NFC Tools.

Qliktag NFC Tools software for MacOS requires MacOS 10.15 Catalina & above to install.

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Order a Qliktag NFC Tag Starter Kit

Order a Qliktag NFC Tag Starter Kit & test / pilot the technology yourself before you decide to scale. The NFC Starter Kit comes with 10-20 secure, unclonable NXP 424 DNA NFC tags, a free account on the Qliktag Platform & links to online help resources, documentation on encoding the tags and all you would need to to setup a small pilot with your own products & custom experiences.