EU Digital Product Passport

Implement EU Digital Product Passport (DPP) for your products with the right capabilities & architecture

Implement EU Digital Product Passport for your products.

The EU Digital Product Passport initiative is a keystone to the Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) and the EU Green Deal and Sustainable Product Regulation across the European Union.

The EU Digital Product Passport is essentially a digital twin on the web for every individual product that remains with the product throughout it’s lifecycle, is accessible by both consumers, supply chain and other stakeholders. It holds product specific data from the point of manufacture and is updated along the way through the supply throughout it’s lifecycle and through the processes of disposal, recycling and making it’s way back through the circular loop. The standards for implementing a EU Digital Product Passport solution have been laid out by GS1 EU Digital Product Passport Architecture.

The Qliktag Platform offers all the capabilities, tools & features required to implement a customized solution for EU Digital Product Passport and scale it across millions of products.

Implementing an EU Digital Product Passport System with the Qliktag Platform

Why Build & Deploy EU Digital Product Passport with the Qliktag Platform?

The Qliktag Platform was architected very specifically for use cases identical to the requirements for the EU Digital Product Passport. It has all the capabilities, features and tools to enable:

  • Defining the specific entities you want to capture & store information about. E.g. Product SKUs, LOT or Batch, Serial Item, Component, Material Component, Substance used in manufacture or model anything in the real world.
  • Setting & selecting identifiers and key fields for these entities with complete support for GS1 standard identifiers.
  • Defining the association between these entities and dependencies between them. E.g. a component with its own identifier may be associated with a finished product SKU linking data of the individual entities. Individual serial items may be associated with a manufacturing Batch / LOT entity. 
  •  Flexible data modelling capabilities which allows you to visually design custom data models for each entity using drag & drop tools, add your own attributes and comes with extensive versioning capabilities to make sure your system is future-proof as the EU Digital Product Passport data requirements evolve over time. 
  • In-built GS1 Digital Link format URLs generated automatically for every item / digital twin. The platform comes with a GS1 Digital Link resolver and configuration tool for routing of Digital Link URLs and management of GS1 Digital Link.
  • Visual Interaction Designer to design the EU Digital Product Passport experience template which will dynamically pull data from the digital twin and display it in a mobile friendly format you design.
  • Extensive API library to integrate various data sources and external systems. The digital twin can also be accessed in a machine readable JSON format. 
EU Digital Product Passport Recycling Information - Powered by the Qliktag Platform

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